Exporting DEVONsphere result to DEVONthink 3

The 31 October 2019 update of DEVONsphere is very helpful for a topical search my emails and messages. Is there a way to do a bulk export from DEVONsphere to DEVONthink 3 or have DEVONthink 3 import the results of my search? And is there an overview guide to all of the features of this version of DEVONsphere?
Many thanks, Sherrod

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DEVONsphere Express doesn’t support selecting multiple results currently, therefore only result after another can be added to DEVONthink.

PS: Release notes are always included in the Help menu of our applications.
In DEVONsphere Express, click the Action button (gear icon) and go into the Help menu.

cgurnenberg, BLUEFROG,
Many thanks for your quick, helpful answers.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: