Exporting DTPO bookmarks to safari and other browsers

Hello fellow DT members,
I imported bookmarks from various browsers I’ve been using to a DTPO database. There, I deleted some and reorganized other bookmarks into DT groups. Now I would like to export them, as already created folders, into my browsers. Additionally, if possible I would like to keep bookmarks in sync between my browsers (safari, chrome, firefox) and DTPO.
Any suggestion?

You can drag & drop groups/bookmarks exported via File > Export > Files & Folders… at least onto Safari’s bookmarks.

Thanks for your reply. Hope you’ll have some comment on my second question about multimarkdown editor,

Where’s the question?

Please see DT support ticket #899901 opened on April 25-th.
Generally, I have found that I can just rename extension .md to .mmd to be able to utilize multimarkdown instead of just markdown features. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Also, since I’m waging which markdown editor to use, I wonder how good is the DT markdown text editor compared to others on the market? I hope it works well with Marked 2 preview app. I know this is a bit wide-open question but I would appreciate any suggestion from you.

Questions posed in support tickets are not viewable by most of us on the forum.

Most markdown-capable editors treat .md, .mmd, .markdown interchangeably. Over here, DEVONthink renders MultiMarkdown features such as tables regardless of the extension. DEVONthink doesn’t act differently based on markdown extension.

It’s not DEVONthink that works well with Marked 2, it is the content of the document. Marked 2 is generally not aware what app sent it a document – it is looking at the source file in the filesystem and not interacting with any editor. That said, documents edited with DEVONthink (and which have the proper extension – see above) are fine with Marked 2.

It is almost a religious question as to what a “good … markdown text editor” is. Personally, I don’t care much for DEVONthink’s features for editing. I prefer Sublime Text. There is no objective reason why what I say, or what anyone else says on this topic, is true. :unamused:

Thank you Korm for your kind reply.

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