exporting group to iPod so it acts like a podSite

I’m new to DEVONthink and one of the things I was excited about using DT for was the ability to maybe manage two podSites (iPod Self Contained Note “books”) in a database and then export them to my iPod. Currently using DEVONthink Pro.

I’m currently using Voodoo Pad to manage these “books”. First, I create a new Voodoo Pad file (one for each book) and then I make an index and subindexes. I then link and add text to new pages that form the actual “pages” of the books with ease. I then use the export to iPod feature on this app to put it all on my iPod. Somehow Voodoo Pad does it in a way that it shows an index note and a corresponding folder with all the other notes. This way, all i need to do is click on the index, have the note display on screen and then I’m free to scroll between the various links to display new sub-indexes or sections of the book. Exporting the whole project to the iPod with the links intact, allows me to surf and navigate the information as i were reading a book or exploring the Web on my iPod.

Last night I took this idea into DEVONthink and made a test drive. I started by creating a new Group. Then i created a new RTF called Index and filled it with the “links” to various other pages. Then I used the Link command in DT to link the text to other new RTF posts to fill those with corresponding text. Everything seemed to work fine and it was fast and fun.

But… then I attempted to export. Which was also fast, and fine… but… when I opened the Notes folder in the iPod, i found that my Notes were disorganized and the Index RTF file had all the links removed.

Is there any way DT is capable of making podSites as I describe? I can supply both Voodoo Pad and DT databases to show what I mean if necessary.


That’s not possible right now.