Exporting in DT personal

When I want to export a pdf file as a rtf file it exports it as an empty 4k file. Is what I’m trying to do possible or what am I doing wrong?

I’m running OS X 10.4.4 and I can export a PDF file as RTF text with no problem.

Can’t check right now, but I think this routine uses PDFKit in Tiger and probably won’t work under OS X 10.3.9.

Of course, an image-only PDF has no text and the result would be either a failure or an empty file.

Thanks for the reply. I am running 10.4.4 and the pdf is largely text but it still only ends up as a 4k file

Sorry, I didn’t catch that you are using DT Personal when I first replied.

With PDF documents I succeeded in exporting as plain text but not RTF or RTFD, using DT PE.

I discovered that myself as it will only export as plain text. Thanks

The public releases of DT Personal/Pro (1.9.6 & 1.0.2) do not yet support this but the next releases will.

javascript:emoticon(’:x’)I’d like to be sure I understand what works with the export feature and what not. I’ve happily imported my bookmarks from various browsers, and it’s just great to work with them in Devonthink pro, but when I try to export them as a website I end up with empty directories, when I export them as word or rtf Word opens empty files and then crashes, exported .txt produces an empty file. When exporting text files as .txt I have better luck. But it is the bookmarks I am after today: is there ANY way I can export a group of bookmarks to send to a friend? I’m also using Notetaker, where the export feature works wonderfully. Is there hope for the present (and how about the future?) Thanks! Bruce

Just select all bookmarks and either drag & drop them to the Finder/Desktop or export them via File > Export > as Files & Folders… This will create the standard webloc, mailloc etc. files.

Or use File > Export > as Outliner Processor Markup Language… if you’re using DT Pro. This will create OPML files which most outliners & RSS readers can import.