Exporting/Saving the Concordance data from a document

This is probably obvious, but I am missing it and can’t find any hints or solutions in the forum: how can I export or save the concordance for a document. I see the three choices (List, Cloud, Graph) in the menu Tools | Inspector, but I can’t figure out how to get a Cloud into a file or the clipboard to send to a project collaborator.

Thanks in advance,

The selected items can be e.g. copied to the clipboard in the List mode but only the names and tabular data are added to the clipboard but no images. E.g. TextEdit inserts the names afterwards, Data > New > With Clipboard creates a sheet. Therefore the only workaround coming to my mind would be a screenshot of the cloud.

That’s not ideal, because the size and color of the cloud, for example is easy to work with for other visualizations. I’ll see what I can do with a copy of the List via clipboard.