Exporting Sheets to OPML format


Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but it would be nice if a sheet exported to OPML format as something other than a single note.

To my mind, OPML export should map cell headings to attributes and row content as their values. But perhaps only OmniOutliner and Tinderbox could deal with this format. (How about TAO?)

Any comments?

Best wishes, Charles

Thanks for the suggestion! It’s a possibility but an unlikely one at the moment as this is the first request of its kind.


I did this for a guy on the Tinderbox forum, but haven’t heard from him: sheet_to_opml_v0.01.zip

This Applescript exports selected sheets with each row of the sheet as a separate item in OPML. Columns become attributes of each item.

Perfect if you had some tabular data you were trying to get into Tinderbox or Ominoutliner with each row as a note.

Worked for me; not extensively tested. Backup your data, folks! And write me if you have trouble, comments, etc.

Email address in the source file.

Enjoy, Charles

This is a very nice addition to the toolbox. Thanks, Charles.

Based on your code, man!