exporting to mail

I have 2 html files in devonthink pro office. I select the files and choose ‘merge’ in contextual menu. DTPO creates a rtf file called ‘2 merged documents’. The RTF file is good. Now I select the rtf file and choose FILE/EXPORT/AS EMAIL and DTPO opens thunderbird and creates a new message. But the first line of the message is “*** this is a summary of the selected record text! ***” and after there is a “summary” of the message I want to send, and not the content of th file I choose in DTPO.
Why DTPO export a summary of the rtf and not all the rtf?



The communication with Thunderbird is limited to using a URL. A URL can only be of limited length, therefore the data has to be trimmed. We’d like to warn you of this when this has to happen. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer!