Exporting to pdf or print question (and get it to an account

Hi all, I’m slowly converting all my bookkeeping (boring, i know…) into a devonthink database; that is all send and received invoices, receipts, letters… the whole works.
The good thing of this ( i don’t need to tell you all i guess;-) is that i can find everything FAST, organize it quickly and everywhere i have my laptop; so actually i can DO something with it instead of plunging thru these a4 binders…
But here is my thing, at least once a year everything needs to go to my accountant, and she doesn’t have devonthink of course. So i’m looking for a way of exporting to a pdf, and maybe even laserprint the stuff so he can do his thing with it.
Does anybody have experience with this? Or suggestions?

Thanks a lot! Gerben

Please have a look at the script in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=6966

Thank you! It doesn’t really do what i need though; i’m now looking into exporting as files&folders and using acrobat to make a pdf that i can print.
Cheers, Gerben