External Folders?

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, I couldn’t find anything relevant.

I work in a large organisation, and my data needs to be accessed by others in case something happens to me, and they are on a Windows network.
I have set up a folder on a my hard drive and indexed it using DevonThink, and I have a script that copies any changes to a network drive. However, any new files I create in the indexed folder are not created in the folder, they are created as part of the DevonThink database.
Is there a way to store files in a standard file system outside of DevonThink, and have DevonThink work with the folder structure as is?
This is a deal breaker for me… I have to be able to do this to meet the terms of my employment.
Even a script that copies changes to the folder from the database would be acceptable. As long as my files can be accessed by someone without DevonThink, maintaining the folder structure.

Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Have you looked at the post on this subject that is pinned to the top of this sub-forum? It contains just about everything you need to know on the topic of working with external folders and documents, and the limitations of same. There is even code to create a triggered script that will export documents in an indexed group out to the Finder folder.

Hah! How embarrasing! I went straight to the search, and neglected to read the stickies.

I’ll peruse the sticky in detail and see how it goes.