External Links to Documents Inside DevonThink

I use DT to store just about everything. What I’d like to do is create a link in a non-DT external document & application. For example, I would store a link to a DT document within an OmniOutliner document. Or on the desktop. Clicking on the link would bring DT to the front and open the window the link references.

So, is that possible?


Sorry, that’s not currently possible using hyperlinking, although there could be scripting and’or Automator possibilities.

Version 2.0 of DT Pro will probably integrate with Spotlight such that clicking on a Spotlight ‘hit’ that’s in a DT Pro database will open DT Pro to that document.

As V2 will store each content as a separate file, you could then use “file links” from other applications (but I don’t know if OmniOutliner for example supports this).

OmniOutliner can host links to any reachable document including on the local machine. This is interesting because I’m using OmniOutliner and kGTD to manage my to-do lists, etc. I store notes, ideas, snippets in DevonThink. I’d like to be able to create a to-do item in OO and link to content stored in DT. Then I can use each app for what it’s best at without significant compromise.

On the subject of V2, how does one find out what’s coming?

At the moment almost no features of V2 (except the revised file/content handling) have been announced.

I also would benefit GREATLY being able to link to items within DTPro from a “non-DT external document & application.” Especially linking to Sheets & Records in DTPro, from both OmniOutliner (OO) and also OmniGraffle (OG). This is one of the last significant challenges in a truly flexible and smooth work-flow between the tools I most heavily rely on.

In my usage scenario, OO is great for on-the-fly organization and note taking, particularly the way in which notes/comments can be written for (and directly with) each row entry/record. To be able to link to items within DTPro would be powerful.

DTPro has become my workspace and repository for almost everything I work on (except a calendaring system). To navigate this vast information store, some type of visual map is valuable, in both understanding the data structure created and to have a simple window (dashboard/control panel in the traditional sense) to access the data. Perhaps down the road DTPro might have some functionality built-in – like a visual front-end (birds-eye-view) to the groups, files, sheets, etc.

Developing various process diagrams in OG and linking from within the diagram to DTPro would be great.

I have created what I call, for lack of a better name, OmniGraffle Document Panels. A simple graphic diagram with named icons for the various categories of a project, each a live link to the corresponding folder or document (For example, a business might have documentaion relating to use of technology, so an icon for each area, Hardware/Software Plan, Archive Plan, Backup Plan, Security Plan, Business Continuity Plan, etc.). Prior to DTPro sheets and records, my Document Panel links were to folders and files, mostly OO, OG, and Mellel documents. Now with DTPro sheets/records taking over much of my documentation and development, I need to redirect my Document Panel icon links to link within DTPro.

The potential and usage scenarios are many. Functionality back and forth between OO,OG, and DT is evidently of value to a number of us in this forum.

Devon-Technologies - thanks for software as it should be - awesome, incredibly awesome, powerful, flexible, simple!