External RTFs?

I’m evaluating DevonThink, and thus far am very impressed!

One question: Is there anyway to leave some RTFs external to the database, so that if the file was edited by another application, the changes could be reflected in DevonThink?

Why would I want to do this? For one thing, it would allow me to sync key RTF files with my Palm, make changes while away from my desktop, and then sync those changes back to the desktop (and DevonThink).

Many thanks.

NO. I normally import files (including RTF) in one of these ways:

[1] Select the RTF file in a Finder window, drag and drop it onto a DEVONthink view window. A link will be established to the original RTF file.

[2] From the DEVONthink File menu, chooser Import – then choose the RTF file to be imported. DEVONthink will set up a link to the original RTF file.

BUT – editing the referenced external RTF file will not result in a change in the text stored in DEVONthink. To change the DT content, the file would have to be imported again (and the first copy deleted, if desired).

QUERY to Christian: If files for DT import were placed in an action folder for DT import, would it be possible to script the folder action so that any editing of files in the folder would result in replacement of existing DT content with the newly edited content?

No, the AppleScript support of the Personal Edition is very limited. In addition, the upcoming “Synchronize” command will exactly do this but don’t expect major changes in the near future. First we have to finish DEVONagent, release DT 1.7.x bug fix releases and the Standard Edition. Oops… did I say Jehovah?  ;)