Extracting section of PDF in DTTG?

Hi, is there a way of selecting a number of pages from a PDF and either save them as a new document or sharing them to a different app? At the moment I’m using PDF Expert to do this but can’t see whether i can do this in DTTG.

In DEVONthink’s PDF viewer, can display Thumbnails, select the pages of interest, then “print” a new PDF. Same way as if you would use Apple’s Preview. I don’t know how you do it in PDF Expert as I have never used that product.

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GENIUS! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that bit that will totally work, thank you. Is it possible to print from the screen that allows you to select pages as thumbnails or do I have to make a note of the starting and ending page and enter that in the print dialog box?

On the iPad that is - I don’t see a print feature in the thumbnail selection screen.

Oh, my bad again. Didn’t notice you were using DEVONthink ToGo. I hope you retract your GENIUS! comment!! :wink:

I tend not to use DEVONthink ToGo for stuff I know is easy in DEVONthink. I just did a little messing around with a PDF in DEVONthink ToGo. I duplicated a PDF into a new file. Opened it. Pressed the icon (4 squares) that displays all pages. Then pressed the icon with the page’s upper right corner folded over. Pressed on a few black dots. Played with the icons at top (see comment next paragraph) and cut a few pages out. then did the share/print icon, but before printing I used forefinger and thumb to swipe out on the page images to open a PDF. with Share, saved to a file.

Is that easy? Dunno. Perhaps a better way? Dunno that either. Just a way I found. Seems like standard iPad stuff to me. I think reading the DEVONthink Handbook (which I did not do but you can) I would learn what the icons are.

All in all, i’d do that sort of stuff with DEVONthink and not expect the iPad to be a real computer for the “harder” stuff. That’s just me.

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Thanks. I’ll have another play.My workflow requires me to be able to do this on ipad because 80% of the time I don’t have access to the Mac.

Thing is, I find pdf expert on ipad even easier (or at least just as easy) than DT on Mac for extracting - go the thumbnail view, select pages, and either extract to new file for saving it share to app using share sheet. So it’s not that I’m expecting the iPad to be a computer beyond its capabilities but whether DTTG has that capability.

I can of course open a DT PDF in PDF Expert on the iPad and easily do that but unfortunately this often results in PDF Expert hanging for larger files.

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It’s very easy to do this with Shortcuts:

  • Create a new shortcut called ‘Exctract PDF Pages’ (or whatever you like)
  • Enable the share sheet in the shortcut and enable PDF as input
  • Add the ‘Make PDF’ action
  • Click the > sign to show more options
  • Click the Page Range button
  • Set start and end page to ‘Ask each time’
  • Add the DTTG ‘Create item’ action
  • Set file, title and location
  • Click the > sign to show more options
  • Set ‘file’ to the output of the ‘Make PDF’ action with a magic variable

Open DTTG, click a PDF with multiple pages, click the share button and select the shortcut you created. If it runs correctly, you will be prompted to enter the start and end page after which the shortcut will create a new PDF in the location you selected.

You can optionally finetune the shortcut by using the original name or adding menu items to your liking of course.


That’s cool. I keep forgetting Shortcuts.

I keep reminding everybody :grinning:

Now this IS genius - I’ve created a slightly modified version as a bookmark on my home screen that creates a PDF From my clipboard content which allows me to nearly duplicate my PDF Expert workflow in DTTG - I can now go to the DTTG thumbnail screen, select my required range (works much better for me than entering page numbers), copy pages, then run the shortcut and share it to the required app.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :grinning:

Would it be possible for you to share the Apple Shortcut since I tried creating it but I cannot make it work. I had the same intention of making a new pdf file from extracted pages of an original pdf using DTTG on the Ipad.
Thanks in advance.

Please check out this shortcut based on @Solar-Glare’s initial approach…


Thanks very much, this shortcut works perfect. It does exactly what I am needing.

Thanks for the follow-up. I appreciate it.