Face ID is not working correctly

Using DTTG on iPhone and iPad, and DT 3.0.1 on macs. With iPhone, although I have it set to use Face ID, the app opens even if I am not at all looking at the iPhone, or if I have the notch covered. I’ve tried upsetting/ resetting security (definitely set on “Passcode, Biometric” and “again after one minute.” If I have it set for “immediate” it DOES work (although it notes I lose integration with Files app, so didn’t want to use that). Using passcode instead of Face ID does also work… any input appreciated.

There is a 30 seconds “grace period” between the last time you authenticated. So when you open DEVONthink To Go right after you unlocked the phone you might not get Face-ID-d at all. We believe that usually iPhones are not getting stolen in that short time between unlocking and launching DEVONthink To Go.

Thanks- but issue is that I have it set for “Again after 1 minute”-- if I wait 5 minutes, Face ID still not invoking- it just opens into DT. It is definitely set to “Passcode, Biometric” and 1 minute.

Maybe you’re not waiting more than 30 seconds after switching away from DEVONthink To Go to another app and coming back or after unlocking your device? That’s a timeout that counts from the last time Face ID was invoked somewhere and switching to DEVONthink To Go.

Ah- thanks, that was it… Did not understand that the 30 sec included timing from just unlocking device… interesting choice to do that, but I guess that should be ok!

With Face ID it maybe doesn’t make too much sense anymore but for people using Touch ID this reduces the number of place-your-fingers when they unlock their device and go straight to DEVONthink To Go.