Failed Database Verification, Please Repair the Database

I keep getting this message:

Failed database verification, please repair the database.

When I go to File>Verify & Repair Database, I get this result:


Then, when I click “repair”, it says “repair failed. 8 errors left.”

Can anyone help me understand what is going wrong and how to fix the issue?


Page 191 of the the user guide (also available through the in-app Help) provides guidance on the steps to take if Verify & Repair fails. That may help you.



Welcome @michaelAF

What is reported in Window > Log? This is the place you should always look for errors and warnings in DEVONthink.

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Thanks, Stephen

Thanks, Bluefrog!

Here’s a screenshot of the log (file names redacted.)

You need to tend to the empty and missing files.

  1. Clear Window > Log.
  2. Do a File > Verify & Repair on the database.
  3. Press Repair when prompted.
  4. Press Ok in the next dialog.
  5. Check Window > Log for empty or missing files.
  6. Control-click a result and choose Reveal if you’d like to see where the file resides in the database. Then use the Move to Trash option.
  7. Empty the database’s Trash to completely remove these files.
  8. Repeat the steps with other databases as needed.
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Thanks so much for taking the time! I am new to DT (loving it), so I’m still learning.

After I followed your steps—and emptied the trash, everything resolved.


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You’re welcome and I’m glad to hear it.

PS: There’s plenty you could learn. Concentrate on what you need to learn first. Then periodically give yourself time to explore the unexplored :slight_smile: