Failure to create link to an Excel File

I’ve tried several times to link to an Excel (xls) file by ‘File > Index’, then selecting the filename, and I get nothing. It won’t drag into the main window, and when I ‘drag’ it, nothing appears in the file folders. I’ve dragged it into the main window, everything. Nada. This thing is from a client and heavily formatted with images, so coverting to an acceptable format won’t work.

I’ve looked this up in the tutorial, (which appears to be out of date), in the help section, and here in the forums, to no avail. Does DT not ‘link’ to files it can’t understand?

If someone knows of a workaround, I’d love to hear it.

Please check if linking to unknown files is enabled (see Preferences > Import).

That’s got it. Somewhat embarrased. Hour of my life gone.