Far left pane list order

This is a minor thing regarding the far left, blue pane containing the Inboxes and list of databases:
I would like to see the “Recent Databases” listed below both “Favorites” and “Smart Groups”.

It’s my thought that the those folders I designate as Favorites and the Smart Groups I create ought to be higher in the order of precedence than recently opened databases.

Just a thought and, as I say, a very minor thing.


I see your point but the current order has the advantage that similar stuff (open/recent databases) is grouped. Any other opinions?

And I see your point, too.
What if those groups had the disclosure triangles so I could reveal the recent databases when I needed them? Or they were more like the Finder sidebar in that I could rearrange them to my liking?

Disclosure triangles will be part of one of the next betas.

Very nice. Thank you, Christian.