Fast keyboard organizing

Hi. I would like to see some nice keyboard shortcuts for classification. Mail Act-On does this very well, making more efficient for organization then DT.

Ideally, when a window showing groups/tags/labels is open, one key press should move/tag/label the selected docs and then advance to the next one.

  1. open groups window (ctrl-cmd-g)
  2. press ‘a’ (no CTRL or CMD) - goes to Archive
  3. moves to next doc
  4. press ‘w’ - goes to work
  5. press ‘1’ - label red

Something like that.

Comparing Mail-Act-On (which I use and find very handy) with Mail and the keystroke functionality in DEVONthink is somewhat of an apples to oranges comparison. MAO can add macros/sequences to Mail, and from the example given it looks like you are needing similar functionality in DT. That’s way more involved than adding keyboard shortcuts (of which DT already has more than most applications). I expect you can accomplish what you are looking for through scripting or via a macro utility such as QuicKeys. I personally use QuicKeys with DT to automate some aspects of the application (such as applying labels with a shortcut), but I have not personally created any multi-step sequences such as your example. A demo of QuicKeys is available should you want to try it with DT.