Faster scrolling through the title

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I’m processing my inboxes, giving each item a title that represents the content of the snippet I took, rather than the automated title that mirrors the opening words of the body.

It would be really helpful if I could easily scroll the title content left and right quickly so that I can view it, or check it once changed. Similar to how it’s fast to scroll the content body up and down.

For example I find it faster often to dictate a new title but these always need a quick scan to make sure the dictation with interpreted correctly.

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Can you clarify what you’re referring to, perhaps with a screencap? Thanks.

I’ve circled the title field on a note. I want to check what the whole title field says by running my finger left and right over it and seeing it scroll. At the moment I have to drop the caret into the field and then slowly drag that back and forth (Is iOS13 slower at this??). I am trying to do this on both an iPad and an iPhone. Most of my titles end up being a sentence and I try to keep them short enough that I can read the whole thing on my desktop version (DT3).

Does that make any more sense?

Ahh… I see. That’s not in DEVONthink’s control. It’s the interface element provided by Apple.

Do note we caution against overly long filenames:

Thanks for looking at it for me.

Yes, understood.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: