Faster way to toggle dark/light themes

Could we get a faster way to toggle the dark/light themes in the forum?

It seems there are at least two ways this could be added,

  1. an new item in the “hamburger” (the menu left to the user account circle)

(Link: Hamburger Theme Selector - theme - Discourse Meta)


  1. a new toggle button

(Link: Alien Night Theme - A free Dark Theme for Discourse - theme - Discourse Meta)

The latter, a directly accessible toggle button, would be really nice, I think :slight_smile:

Why not simply let the forum follow the UI theme?

E.g. because it’s not possible to capture readable webarchives by dragging to the dock when using the forum dark theme. This makes it clear

It’s a bit annoying to capture something and later find out that it has to be done again with light theme enabled. Already experimented with Dark Reader for Safari, however there’s still the iPhone … and there I want to use the forum dark theme. There’s currently no good way, at least I didn’t find one. :slight_smile:

OK, I see what you mean. Noted for the next time we work on the forum (after some … other … project I’m personally working on right now).

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If it’s possible please choose the toggle button as this would act as a reminder to toggle the setting before capturing. And because it’s simply faster. :slight_smile: Thanks!

There’s now a Dark Reader version for iOS available (it’s free if you already purchased the macOS version).

So now it’s possible to use Discourse’s light theme and simply toggle Dark Reader temporarily off when there’s something to capture on macOS - and still have the dark mode on iOS.