Fastmail Notes sync

Is there any way to get Fastmail Notes into DEVONthink?
I use NVALT and a Dropbox folder to do note taking.
Using Fastmail Notes would be simpler but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Are you referring to writing and accessing the notes in a browser?

Yes. I’d like to use Fastmail in a browser to write the notes and then be able to see them in DEVONthink.

While some contortions may be possible, a web browser isn’t a good avenue for integration with DEVONthink.

You could try adding a bookmark to your Fastmail account in DEVONthink and browse there.

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I need the notes to be searchable.
It’s all a work around for Android.

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

I use Simplenote on Android, Simplenote on iOS, NVALT on MacOS. NVALT to sync Simplenote with a folder in Dropbox which is indexed in DEVONthink. This way, I can see all the notes I’m taking across Android, iOS and MacOS and they’re searchable in DEVONthink.

I had a quick look at FastMail’s Support articles and I did not find a way to mount the share on FastMail that holds notes to your Mac … with the idea you could index them in. But they don’t provide that and they say they do not have a way to download your notes. So it’s really at this juncture, far as I can tell, not possible as FastMail doesn’t provide a way for your computer to hook in other than via a browser.

Yeah, that’s where I had gotten to before posting the question on here.

Oh. Pity you didn’t mention that. I sort of wasted my time, I guess.

You’d be better off asking on the FastMail forums.