Favorites button

I would love to have a Favorites button on the bottom bar in DTTG on my iPhone so that I can get back to Favorites from wherever I am with one touch. Maybe you could provide the option of a Favorites button instead of the Information button.


The request is noted but it is very unlikely implementing different buttons would happen.

Also, why do you need a button to access the favorites when they’re immediately available on the databases screen?

And check out this blog post…

That shortcut can be run from anywhere, including while you’re in DEVONthink To Go. And yes, you could modify it or create a shortcut to only open the Favorites.

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Thank’s for the Tip with Quick Launch!!
As I frequently need to switch between two databases, in which I am mostly many taps away from the databases screen, Quick Launch to Favorites triggered by a double back tap spares me the need to navigate back every time.
Reaching Favorites is now three taps away, so a one-tap solution in the bottom bar would still be great.

You’re welcome.