Favourites keep disappearing from Sorter in DT3

They come back, or have so far, but are currently gone. Not sure what is triggering this.

First report I’ve seen. If you can consistently reproduce this, let us know.

This also happens to me - it was sporadic but lately they’re missing all the time.

I’m not seeing Favourites at all in the Sorter? Is this in the Menu-bar view?
Are they supposed to remain visible, presumably at the top?

The Sorter will only show favourite groups, does your favourite list include just documents?

Nope! It currently only has two groups from within a specific DB, that I frequently access.

So I presume this is precisely what should be showing inside Sorter?

Is that database open? The Sorter will only show favourites of open databases.

It wasn’t when I first commented – but when I checked then (and now again), opening/closing/keeping it open makes no difference.

Thanks for the additional info, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue yet, but I will keep trying.

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My favorites are only of groups - and they’re in databases that are open. And I’m still not seeing favorites in the sorter, only databases.

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Are you running the Sorter as a docked tab or menubar extra?

Oops I answered via email. To help inform this group discussion, the answer is I see this as a docked tab. The menubar extra appears to work. And I’m able to consistently show this discrepancy, as I told Jim.

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Happy to report that an overnight DT3 shutdown(?) appears to have the menubar Sorter working as expected. The Favourites are now visible!

Sorter as docked tab is now showing favorites in beta 3 - thanks for fixing!

One very minor issue still - the global inbox has the triangle indicating a group is present, but there isn’t a group there. The sidebar shows the global inbox correctly with no triangle, but not in the sorter.

Thanks for letting us know the favourites is working now, and I will fix the other issue for the next update