feature allowing user to edit & assign keyboard shortcuts

It would be nice for DTPO to allow users to reprogram existing keyboard shortcuts and define new ones. Presently, I use Keyboard Maestro to reprogram shortcuts but I have to be running it in the background and DTPO menus still show the original-but-no-longer-operative shortcuts. I expect this additional feature wouldn’t be too hard to integrate.

(Of course this assumes that I haven’t overlooked the fact that DTPO already offers this feature.)

Any menu item can have a keyboard shortcut added or changed in
System Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts

Select “Applications”, add DEVONthink, and type the name of the menu item EXACTLY as it appears in the menu.

Note that remapping keys could lead to unexpected behavior if you type in conflicting keys or the app overrides a user-specified key. You should use this with some reservation, not to remap a large number of them.