Feature Request: about backlinks

I’ve played around with Craft (a notes app that also doubles as a Personal Knowledge Management system) and after getting acquainted with backlinks, I was pleased to see the latest version of DT3 supports these. Unfortunately, it appears they are not supported in DTTG. I’ve begun building a new PKM system in DT3, after experimenting with Craft, and TheBrain (which also now supports backlinks, and unmentioned links!!). But the lack of backlink support in DTTG is an issue for me. However, I can insert my own item links into DT3 markdown documents (for backlinks) and have them work on my iPad.

Here’s my feature request along with the current process used to get backlinks in DTTG.:

To enter a backlink in DT3, I begin with “[ ] ( )” in the document. I look at the Document Inspector/Links and view the “Incoming Links”. Right-click on an incoming link and choose “Copy Name”, then paste that into the brackets (e.g. [ link name] ( ) ) in the document. I repeat the process only choosing “Copy” and then paste the item link inside the parens (e.g. [ link name ] ( x-devonthink-item://B868E998-6756-4A8B-BC48-6F4E96F135E2 ). I now have a backlink in the document that can be used in DTTG.

Could you introduce a third choice when right-clicking on a “incoming links” item to copy the markdown version of a link, like: [ link name ] ( x-devonthink-item://B868E998-6756-4A8B-BC48-6F4E96F135E2 )?

This would save a bit of time copy & pasting the two parts into the “[]” and “()” in the document.

If I’ve missed a simple way to do this, pray tell! But don’t suggest using the right-click in a document and choosing “Insert Link To” as that requires finding the document that is the backlink, a more arduous workflow. Thanks!

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Dragging & dropping the incoming link while pressing the Command & Alternate modifier keys should insert both the name and the link. It’s also possible to drag & drop any database item like this into Markdown documents to create back links.

In addition there is the Insert Link To submenu of contextual menus and the menu item Edit > Insert > Link to…

Thanks, the command-Alt trick is just what I need. The problem with the Insert link To menu item is that I then have to find the document by traversing a group tree.

In case of the Edit > Insert > Link To… menu item you can quickly search for the item.

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Thanks again.