Feature Request: Access to files on iCloud Drive for indexed files and folders on Mac


I have a database that has lots of indexed files and folders in ~/Documents folder, which is actually on iCloud Drive since I have turned on “Desktop and Documents Folders” in iCloud setup. Since I do not want to upload duplicates onto my iCloud Drive, I have turned off “synchronize content of indexed items” option at the iCloud sync setup in Devonthink. Still, all the files and folders are synced by iCloud, and I can access them from Devonthink on another Mac. But when it comes to DTTG, to access those files the only option seems like to turn on “synchronize contents” option, even though they are accessible from Files app on my iPad.

It would be great if there is an option that enables a native mapping to iCloud Drive from DTTG.

Of course importing files and folders into the database would be a solution, but for my workflow indexing works better.


This would be indeed great. Unfortunately iOS is not (yet) as powerful as macOS (and personally I’d prefer the opposite of Apple’s Marzipan project - instead of iPad apps on the Mac have Mac apps on iPads :slight_smile: )