Feature Request: Add zoom controls in documents

My biggest pet peeve in v2 was that the zoom control was global and you had to go back to the first screen to access the settings in order to adjust the zoom. Many times I have had to do this again and again depending on the document that was being viewed.

Additionally, the zoom control does not work for HTML files (which make up almost 50% of the documents).

I’m requesting that you add zoom controls which can be accessed from each document being viewed, and that it also works to adjust text size in HTML documents.


Thank you for the suggestion. We have this on the list but we’ll need to find a good place for yet another button :slight_smile:

Awesome, can’t wait!

Maybe group some of them in a “tap-to-flyout” menu? Or perhaps have some fixed floating zoom controls on the top-right of the document that toggles appearance on tap (i.e. not on swipe scroll)?