[Feature Request] : Allow cancelling modifications in notes

When viewing a Markdown note in DTTG and tapping “Edit”, the only options are “OK” on the right and “Back to group” on the left. I can find no way to undo changes before saving the note. This can be very annoying because if you accidentally deleted something, both ways out of the note will very quickly sync it everywhere and data might be lost.

Currently, both the OK & Back button save the note. IMHO the behavior of the Back button could be changed so that if tapped while in edit mode, it proposes to cancel the changes. The OK button would be the normal way to save an edit.

If you make an undesirable change, shake the device to bring up the Undo Typing option.

OK. Never liked this shaking business so I deactivated it. Will turn it back on for the time being. Thanks.

I’d really like to see an automatic versioning system like Google Docs or like Git have implemented on both mobile and desktop with some tools to manage how much space the versions are taking in the database and clear them if you know you are ready to lock the documents down as a final archive and are wanting to keep the database small. Or, implement it like miro.com for object/change or descript.com for word/change is saved into a version history. Both systems seem to work well. Descript.com keeps a json file with all the transcript edits on my disk and DEVONthink does a nice job searching the transcripts. Personally, I would like to see an inspector that shows the document changes/history and lets me view/restore any of them as well as name and tag the versions or turn a version into a separate document and tag it, if necessary.

Is there a better thread to discuss this ability to undo changes, visualize changes, and cancel editing a web archive that you meant to keep original but refreshed or otherwise typed in by accident?

Please, pretty please - don’t. You could use Git locally and index the files, if you need that. But throwing something like that at all users is increasing size and complexity of the program unnecessarily, in my opinion. Just think of all the people storing mostly PDFs in DT or other documents that will not (or must not!) change.

There’s enough software already available that allows for automatic (or at least comfortable) versioning and comparing versions. And given that you can store all kinds of documents in DT (e.g. Pages and Words) whose originating applications allow for this stuff, what’s the point in duplicating this functionality in DT?

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Although I can understand there are interests in doing this I agree with @chrillek. Also, it’s not even needed. You could easily implement something like this with the “Before Saving” and “After Saving” smart rule triggers where you can save alternative versions of your documents if you really need to.

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It’s actually the job of the default smart rules Create Version and Remove Obsolete Versions.

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Now all that remains to be implemented is branching :wink:

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Thanks guys.
I just added a hotkey that calls Data > Revert to Saved.
Most of my errors are simple.
And hitting ctrl+z will always undo something weird, like the last file imported rather than the last character typed.

I’ll get used to it eventually.

Thanks for the hints.

Video: Google Chrome - DEVONthink Tips, Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration - Descript
Slides: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Thanks for all your help.
I think I have it all sorted now.

Glad to hear you have a process that suits your needs in place :slight_smile:

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