[Feature request] Allow swiping R/L to move between Images

Not asking for an Image editor… but, just the ability to quickly browse through a bunch of pics by right/lift swipes, in full-screen mode.

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The request is noted but no promises.

Any update here, please?

Nope. No update on this, other than it’s an item on our long list of possibilities for the next major version of DEVONthink To Go. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Does DTTG3 have this feature… Swipe between images?

No, this has not been implemented at this point.

It’s the one feature I need :slightly_frowning_face:
Will hold on the upgrade, till it is implemented.

May I ask why you need it?

+1 for this feature.
Would be better if this can apply not only to image, but also other files.

My personal use case it that I keep a DevonThink mac instance open to refresh RSS and sync via iCloud, so as to use DTTG 3 as a mobile RSS client. It has an edge over other clients Reeder because I can archive the articles faster and in better format.

Also, I use DTTG quite a lot as inbox for web articles I read on mobile.

In both case I have to skim through a lot of articles quickly to read, review and decide what to keep. Now I have to press back and choose from the group every time. Adding swipe L/R will significantly boost these workflows, making DTTG a much better RSS/ batch documents reader.

Just my use case though.

Thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply. Like I mentioned earlier, for me, this was the make-or-break feature for a continued relationship with DTTG, and I have moved away from using DT as my main repository.

Being a designer/ architect, I tend to work and think visually. As such I have a lot of reference images → downloaded from the web/ internally developed renderings/ pics of works in progress/ completed works/ reference images sent in by clients/ students works/ my own scanned-in hand-drawn sketches, screenshots of work done on CAD, etc.

Photos.app on iOS & Mac is not capable enough to handle this diversity of image-information, or the sifting and sorting necessary for me to understand my pictorial database. At least not the way I want to. Photos.app is great for storing & viewing photos of family, friends, vacations and pets. It is not a work tool.

I have set up a folder system on iCloud in which any images dropped, get automatically renamed and tagged as per my system You can read more about my tagging system on my blog post here …. This system allows me to understand connections between images (and the data contained in them) regardless of their separation by folders/clients/projects/or years.

DevonThink was lovely in letting me deep-dive using tags and file names. BUT, having to press back and choose from a group every single time, defeats the purpose for me to use DT in the first place. Visual thinking, and working with visuals, both necessitate the interface to be fast. A sign of good design is when it doesn’t get between me and my work.

It is incorrect to assume that information/research/knowledge can only be textual in nature. As far as my use-case is concerned, DT & DTTG have got to have the Swipe L/R feature.

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as a part time photographer I also (want to) use DT2Go to present my photos, e. g. wedding or other ‚events‘ - together with all other needed documents, e. g. order confirmation, on-site checklists, release docs, contact information - I create those docs e. g. while on the road and update them face-to-face with my (potential) customers on the event location, etc.
Just swiping through the images would be cool.