Feature request: An additional default image display

Hi, one can set the default image display in Preferences > Media > Multimedia, e.g.

  • Actual Size
  • Zoom To Fit

Using the latter most often works fine for me.

However, if an image is smaller than the window’s view pane then using the Zoom To Fit default results in an blurred image.

Of course it’s possible to use one of the options in menu View > Zoom and depending on the situation I simply resize the window or temporarily change the default. But all those options feel like workarounds.

I’d like to request an addtional default:

  • If view pane > image size then use Actual Size
  • If image size > view pane then use Zoom To Fit

With such a default one could use the great Zoom To Fit and prevent blurred images.



So the new mode would only downscale but not upscale?


I wonder whether anyone still really needs the upscaling. I remember that this was requested by one or two users but since then most people don’t seem to like this.


I would always opt for adding options instead of replacing. One can hardly know who needs what. That’s a problem in general, I think: users won’t tell you “I love this feature and use it all the time” - they just use it.

Obviously you can’t endlessly add stuff, otherwise you’ll get bloat like Word (or even worse) some day :slight_smile:

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Hmm, if Zoom To Fit wouldn’t upscale anymore in the future then there would still be Zoom To Width that could be used if upscaling is necessary, so there’s not really something lost :slight_smile:

The next release will change this and then we’ll see whether a separate option should be really necessary.


Just noticed again how nice the omitted upscaling is. Thank you very much for being so super responsive! DEVONtech is really a user’s dream :slight_smile: