[feature request] attach more than one URL to a document

documents can surface at plural instances on the internet. I tried entering two URLs in the URL field but that does not work.

I could add the other URLs in the spotlight comment field but think, this could be implemented much nicer.

If there a way to attach several URLs (on which e.g. a certain document is discussed)? It would be helpful to attach them to the document, right? keep everything related in one place.

sure I could always create a text document - collect all info and name it identical to the document being discussed. but attaching URLs to a document would be much more convenient I think.

+1 for this … It would simplify some of the annotation work I need

The more general case I’d like to see is user-defined attributes for documents and groups. Something like what Tinderbox does, but more modern and Cocoa-ish.

Is the dev reading this forum? What’s his stance on this?

The developers do read the forum and are very interested in user suggestions.

The more useful a suggestion and the more users who support it, the more likely it is to be considered in devopment plans.

The capture of a URL into the Info panel when data is captured from a Web page is important, as it documents the data source. The URL field in the Info panel allows one to open the source page in a browser.

Suppose a page could be accessed from multiple URLs. DEVONthink would have no way of knowing that, so in reality any additional addresses would have to be documented by the user. If multiple URLs were entered in the Info panel’s URL field, how would that work, without introducing complexity such as a user-selectable parsing of the URLs to pick one to launch?

It’s currently possible to document such multiple addresses for a page in the Spotlight Comments field of the Info panel, or as clickable links in an associated rich text note. If I need to handle such cases, I could add to Spotlight Comments or the associated note a searchable cue for that purpose, with perhaps a “Multiple URL” tag for such documents.

I’m not speaking for the developers, but suspect this feature request needs a bit more persuasion to get it added to development plans. :slight_smile:

I hear you and agree withe mentioned problems this might cause. Still it would be nice to have a good way of adding related URLs to a document.

Would it be possible to add URL support to the spotlight comment field?

Other than that, I think that’s the easiest solution. I don’t want another attached document to clutter the database or have that laying around somewhere. Guess I’ll have to go with copy & paste for now via the Spotlight comment field.