Feature request: bookmarks in pdfs

Hello: Any progress on making bookmarks in pdfs imported into DT3? This was mentioned and “we’re planning this” 3 or 4 years ago. It’s pretty essential when reading books that have been pdf’ed.
Thank you

Not at the moment.
There is no standard for PDF bookmarks and we are less inclined to implement something that only works in our applications. We have customers that use a variety of PDF applications so if we create a proprietary bookmark, the support questions and complaints would invariably roll in, ”Why don’t your bookmarks work in PDF App X?!?”

At the moment, you can use our extended item link syntax – page links, selection links, and annotation links – to create a form of bookmark.

The table of contents (and therefore also bookmarks added by other applications) is actually available in the Table of Contents inspector but it’s not yet possible to add your own bookmarks. Just in case if that’s what you want to be “imported”.

Thanks. Alas, this means I need to mark up my articles/books before I import them, or import them, mark them up (bookmarks especially) and then re-import them. Not ideal. I appreciate your reply.

Documents can also be edited externally, it’s not necessary to reimport them.

Thank you both

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

The venerable PDFOutliner plays well with DT for this purpose.