Feature request: CBR support

I would like to request a feature - add .CBR support. This is essentially a form of .RAR file and tends to be used for e-comics amongst other things.

Can you be more specific about what “support”? If there is QuickLook generator for previewing .CBR documents then normally that’s all that’s needed. DEVONthink uses whatever developers have provided for QuickLook for displaying document content.

By “support” I mean Devonthink being able to handle CBR files - i.e. generate thumbnails and open them natively. Currently it does neither.

intersting i started today to index all my non DRM comics today in Devonthink and im loving it, would also be happy to see such a feature.

if anyone is also indexing their comic book collection here, would be great to share tips around


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I support this!

On the Mac there might be third-party plug-ins available for Quick Look, e.g. GitHub - arauchfuss/Simple-Comic: OS X comic viewer

How would that plugin work with Devonthink @cgrunenberg ?

It would potentially allow viewing the files in DEVONthink with whatever functionality the QuickLook plugin has, just as it would be seen in the Finder.

The .CBR files actually show thumbnails in DT, but they are the wrong dimensions - they are square instead of rectangular? See screenshot:

.CBR and .CBZ are just RAR and ZIP files.

I thought OP was asking for CBD support. Like, DevonThink gummies.

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Hahaha! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take the THC gummies please. Jokes aside, that Simple Comic app didn’t work for me. It does generate thumbnails in OSX Finder, but -

  • The dimensions of the thumbnails aren’t always correct; a minority are correct but, like in DT, many are square (they should be portrait rectangular)
  • When I open a CBR with my preferred app, it seems to affect the thumbnails and they revert to the default zip icon
  • It doesn’t seem to affect things in DT whatsoever

So I’m still trying to find a way to do this. Any help would be much appreciated. I am considering converting my CBRs to PDF, though this would be time consuming, it is difficult to get a perfect quality conversion and I would rather keep them in their original format.

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