Feature Request: Compress Files

I often compress (make Zips) of old files in Finder to keep filespace low. Files I would rarely, if at all, access, but I need to keep.

It would be good to be able to compress selected files in Devonthink. As it is I have to export all the files, compress, then re-import.


Since the AI, Search and other data management features of DEVONthink aren’t going to work at all with compressed files, then why store zips in a database? Those zips are just taking up room and (eventually/potentially) affecting database performance. Why not just store them in some archives folder elsewhere on disk and put a note into the database as a reminder. At least the note would be searchable in DEVONthink.

I know what you mean and guessed that would be a reply! :slight_smile: so didnt think it would be a priority or anything. I have a few reasons: 1) if I’m using Devonthink then I don’t want to use Finder. I want to find files in Devinthink only. I don’t want yet another application to use I have a lot open already and 2) all my files are in one place which I’ve imported into Devonthink so didn’t want a seperate file system. For example I have a Projects group with Customers under it, all customer files are in here, if I finish with a lot of them I want to zip them up to save space. I didnt want another customers folder for the same project somewhere else, and 3) the Devonthink sync feature is really good for backup. I sync files to another server so they’re all there. I’ve been trying with rsync and other systems but its a nightmare to be honest so Devonthink can do it now.

I didn’t think it a priority but nevertheless a useful feature.