Feature request: Confirmation dialog when moving objects between databases


I think I asked this on the forum a few years ago. Sorry that I repeat this… It would be great if a confirmation dialog (like emptying the recycle bin) would appear when moving objects between databases. The background is that the added date changes when objects are moved back again.


I think how “Date Added” date changing when being “added” to another database seems correct to me. The date being added to the the new database is kinda a fact.

I think what you are asking for (?) is a “Date Received” or something that remembers when you originally received the document. Maybe for now, until your suggestion may or may not be actioned, you can create a “Smart Rule” that on you entering the new document into the first database, the rule adds that “Date Received” to a Tag, Comment, or something? Check out rules actions to see what’s possible. That way the key information you wish to remember is stored, and you’d be using automation to make it happen more reliably that manually.

Thanks for your answer. Everything is ok with the dates. My request was an idea in general and i think it wouldn‘t be so hard to implement that function. That would be very useful not to move objects accidentally to another database… Thanks!