Feature Request: Create Devon Printer, for Print2PDF shortcuts

Feature Request: Create Devon Printer, for Print2PDF shortcuts…

so we can convert content by printing to PDF (virtual DevonThink pdf printer) that prints directly to DTTG.
This would need to work from anywhere a pdf could be printed via tear sheet.

The request is noted but this is not a simple thing to accomplish. This would be unlikely to happen any time soon, if at all.

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Trying to make DTTG work (meaning an easy way to get content into DTTP and sync’d to desktop.)
If Print-toDTTG were available, that would likely be the easiest and most straight forward manner.

Recognize this might not be simple, at least in the beginning. I’d expect the solution wouldn’t actually be as overwhelming as it would first appear after digging in to research. Print-to-PDF technologies are there, it would be a digital output printer so-to-speak (which exist) or another solution achieving similar goal.

If this were implemented, how would it differ from what can be accomplished now with sharing to DEVONthink from the Print screen?

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To clarify, I am speaking to DTTG.

Would you mind elaborating on the question, as I am not following?

Currently I have two ways to move content to DTTG.

  1. iOS Share > DevonThink
    So far I have been unsuccessful at getting this option to share/store anything beyond are reference such as a URL. Objective is to take what ever it is being viewed on the iOS device and convert to PDF and save it (not save a bookmark for example)… all of the contents of a given article (for example) stored as PDF. If there were a print-to-pdf-DTTG, I could do that, and from anywhere regardless of app.

  2. Shortcut called DevonShare
    This shortcut has been (by far) the best of any option I have yet to discover to accomplish the goal capturing the contents of an article and such and moving it to DTTG. Surprised this was not something provided by DT itself and happy the person shared the shortcut.
    The shortcut rocks when it comes to using a browser, yet does not work from RSS apps such as Feedly. Well, using it for Feedly generates metadata but not the contents of the article.

Print-to-PDF/DTTG would convert nearly everything from any app to PDF and place in the selected database.
(side note, it would be helpful to allow the ability to select a directory (or create new directory) at time of sharing so there is no need to go spend time sorting through an inbox of data what had been shared.
It is like double work to first share it, then have to go find it, then put it in its proper location.

As does this, in three steps;

1.Share sheet, Print;
2. Pinch to zoom out the page in the Print dialog;
3. Share sheet, select DEVONthink To Go OR Save to Files, navigate to the desired group in DEVONthink To Go.


Worth mentioning that these steps are “standard” on IOS (designed and implemented by Apple).

  1. I had no idea there was yet another functionality behind the Print dialog. Thank you for sharing and this might start to open the opportunities now to a better solution.

  2. Yes, the accomplishes the same task, albeit it is a lot of taps. Maybe there is an opportunity around creating an iOS shortcut for those mode.

  3. The method I have now does an auto sync to selected directory on remote computer. I can add to any selected folder, and can create a new folder.

For DTTG to work, as to not ‘create more steps or work’ the share to DTTP would need to be able to select the directory/folder, or as often the case, create a folder to store. Otherwise I would need to go to the computer, view each item in the inbox and sort … which is like 2x-3x the work and it might not sound like much yet w/volume it can get painful.

On a related note (and this might need to be its own post?)… after content has sync’d to the desktop of DT, a) how will I know while traveling w/o remoting in to check each time, b) will I need to then manually delete from the iOS device to save the space and, if so, (presuming the upgraded license etc) how is that done while traveling so you do not delete BOTH copies by accident?

Use Case:
Found an article of interest while traveling.
Save it as PDF to DTTG and sync it to desktop…now want the item deleted from the iOS device and ONLY available on the desktop, accessible on-demand.

Preferred automation:
Share to shortcut.
Shortcut converts to PDF, requests database & directory (or lets me add new directory) for sync.
Once sync has been confirmed, item is automatically deleted from iOS device.
Meta data on iOS device so I can download on demand when needed.

Sync is a mirroring sync so you can’t merely delete files in DEVONthink To Go and have them remain in the databases of other syncing devices.

If you had a smart rule set up in DEVONthink, you could have it move the file to an unsynced database and the file would be removed from the syncing database.

Even w/the on-demand syncing?

Moving to an unsynced database seems like a far reach for the objective…where all the work around and duck tape defeat the purpose and end up costing more time in the long run.

Yes, even with on-demand syncing. Again, it is a mirroring sync so it tries to keep all syncing devices in the same state.

Moving to an unsynced database seems like a far reach for the objective…

You have defined no objective.

where all the work around and duck tape defeat the purpose and end up costing more time in the long run.

There is no duct tape involved. You are asking questions and I have given specific answers that matched the query.

Also, if you are deleting files in DEVONthink To Go, relying on DEVONthink on the Mac to be in some certain state, then having an unsynced database wouldn’t cost any more time. It would be holding the data you removed in DEVONthink To Go.

Funny how I didn’t think a server based solution would be as challenging (not saying that for DT as I am saying that for all related apps.) almost out of luck without iCloud

Work flow may not work mind you. Maybe I am doing this wrong. Often finding myself with screen shots and/of photos of information to store off the iPhone. Might be a home renovation project, might be good to know information for later.

When I go to add photos to a group through DTTG, I have as many as seven or more taps to add a photo AND NO WAY BATCH ADD. If there are 6 images from the camera roll, I am forced to repeat the add process six times? The time that imposes makes DTTG a non- starter and have much faster ways to accomplish the same goals (however not as organized as I’d like Jensen DTTG.)

Please tell me I am missing something and can add multiple images to a group or more in one work flow.


Shortcuts. So this was a need that folks figured out a way through Shortcuts (which is cool and creative) - kind of curious why DDTG didn’t include a multi select right there where you select a single image?

I can’t give you an answer on that.