Feature Request: Create Multi-Page PDF from website

It is possible with DT3 and helps to hold reading progress. But DTTG always builds a single page ultra long pdf from a website. It would be great if DTTG could split them as well as DT3 do.

You can print to PDF in iOS / iPadOS.

Though this is from 2016, it is still applicable…

Yes, sometimes this is useful, but most of the time the pdf file is much much worse than the one dttg is creating:

Even with the Safari Reader those are the common results.

I think macOS got the same print feature but nevertheless there is the “pages” option integrated in the clipper.

This print dialogue is a workaround but no replacement for the clipping feature.

Edit: And I loose the URL with “printing to Devonthink”. All in all not a good idea.

+1 for @z4ck

@BLUEFROG Is there any plan to support multi-page PDF?

The print to PDF method is still the advocated one.