Feature Request: Customizable Metadata fields

Sometimes it feels the shortage of metadata available for this or that kind of item. Like the second URL, specific comment field or so. In some cases there are specialized soft, which decides this problem - extends limited DTPO metadata fields. Good example is a Reference Manager, like Bookends. If you have a PDF in Devonthink, you lack the fields like Author, Title, Year of publication and dozens of other fields. But you can connect this PDF with the Ref item in Bookends (place the link in URL field to this Ref) and get all the fields you may think of. But what if you need to bound it to other URL too?

I understand that there is Tinderbox, and maybe other solutions, but it’s too global… esp when you need just 2-3 special fields just for this kind of item.

Possible solution:
Let user create customizable metadata fields. So that you may add as many fields to the item as you want, choose the type: URL, Note, Boolean, Status (like labels) and etc. and customize them (according to the type). Then we could group these fields in various custom combinations to automatically apply for needed item or bind it to the Group, so that if you place the item (group) in this group - it inherits these fields.

I think this could make the app more flexible and integrative.


Metadata fields would replace my use of Mariner Paperless for my receipts!

This is definitely in the pipeline - stay tuned :slight_smile:


Awesome! Can’t wait…
I guess for 90% of users this means “good-bye Tinderbox and the like”

Not sure why that would be true. Metadata (i.e., attributes) in Tinderbox are assigned to notes, not files.

Anyway, Tinderbox and DEVONthink play well together, so I wouldn’t see one replacing the other in most cases.

I think you are just one of those 10%, who uses Tinderbox to that high of its potential

YES. That would be really great! Please do that.