Feature request: Customizable number of recent toolbar search items

Currently it’s only possible to redo the last 10 toolbar searches. That’s often not enough. Would be great if we could set how many searches can be redone.

We might add a hidden preference to future releases, a real preference is currently unlikely without additional requests.

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Are you referring to using the same searches?
If you need to redo searches that often, why not use the Save button and save a smart group?

Yes, redo a toolbar search.

If I know that I’ll need to redo a search then I of course create a Smart Group.

But if I don’t know that (i.e. didn’t create a Smart Group) and the search is not among the last 10 searches then there’s no way to easily redo the search - which means setting up the whole query again (and hoping to recall the right search terms).

Creating a Smart Group for each toolbar query just to be prepared for cases where I need to redo a search isn’t practical for me.

Congratulations for DEVONthink 3.8.1!

There’s now a hidden preference. From help:

MaximumNumberOfRecentSearches: Specify the number of recent searches available in the toolbar search field or the Search inspector. The default value is 10 .

To set the number of recent seaches:

  • Run defaults write com.devon-technologies.think3 MaximumNumberOfRecentSearches -int 100 in Terminal.app

  • Restart DEVONthink

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Glad you like it, but… Do you really need 100 ??

You’re right, 100 is probably too little :wink:

Hahaha! You goof :stuck_out_tongue:

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