Feature request: DevonSlide (cross post)

This is a cross post from “scripting”, see the script and more details there.

I’d like to request a special way to hide/ show the DT window by sliding it out of the screen real estate similar to the keynote transitions by pressing a hot key (or a floating button). So I guess I’m proposing a feature similar to the dashboard’s F12 but just for DT as it seems to deserve an always-on-feature. The idea came from a script to be found at macosxhints.com called safarislide where you can “hide” safari in an interesting way.

Yeah, just saw that. It looks pretty nice. Played with it for a while – doesn’t look like it scales like DT, though. I exported 2 folders (out of about 20 I have in DT pro) of PDFs, imported them into Yojimbo, which bumped up the SQLite database to 350 MB. After doing a few searches, (which slowed down a fair bit), it crashed. Looks like from a scalability perspective it has a little maturing to do.

I do very much like a few things about YJ, though, which might be good enhancement requests:

  1. The tab that hangs out wherever you want for easy drag/drop access. With DEVONthink you can open up the list panel of all folders as a floating folder, but YJs is superior for my use… it’s hidden but can pop out (like DragThing, or old OS 9 spring loaded folders or whatever they were called).

  2. The F8 popup to do quick notes – very nice.

  3. Everything in Yojimbo shows up in Spotlight searches. Not sure if Core Data makes this any easier – there is a Core Data importer, though, and I should also note that the only data store they have is the SQLite database (in ~/Library/Application Support/Yojimbo). When I talked to Christian at WWDC he said that giving Spotlight access to individual notes in the DT database would be ugly and a lot of work for 2.0… I wonder if there’s something that YJ did that can be leveraged.

YJ looks pretty nice, it’s definitely already far ahead of StickyBrain (well, save Palm integration), and it’s just a 1.0. DT is definitely a more scalable solution… looking hard at YJ from a usability and features perspective might provide some good things to “leverage” though :slight_smile:

I’ve never been at WWDC :wink: Anyway, v2.0 will support Spotlight, will include a contextual menu plugin and more.

Oops, my bad, lol. I was chatting with Eric.

So Christian, do you have any comments to the proposed GUI extension ?

Well, the only thing I can tell at the moment is that you shouldn’t expect this in the near future. Maybe v2.0 or 2.x will introduce such an enhancement.