Feature request: Disable or hide classify on "See also and Classify"

I love the “See also” part of the “See also and classify” inspector window. Using the AI to help me find documents like what I have open is an important part of why I use DEVONthink.

My issue is that I often accidentally “re-classify” documents when I am examining the “see also” documents in the lower pane. I do not always notice right away, so I can not always simply “un-do” this.

I would like to be able to temporarily hide and or disable the classify part. This way I only reclassify records deliberately.

You could move the separator between the See Also and Classify results to the top or bottom to hide the undesired results.


Yes. I tried that. That does hide the groups for reclassification. I created this post after having done that very thing and being surprised that somehow I had re-classified my document. I don’t know what I did I just noticed that the document seem to be gone from the group that was open. in this case I was able to command Z and undo the reclassification.

I suppose it might help if I explain what I was trying to do. Perhaps there is a better way?

What I was doing was going through a group of documents. I was then looking for a particular topic In other documents that was covered in the selected document. Once I found exactly where in the other documents that topic was covered, I would grab a link to the page in the item or to the item itself. I would paste the link into a markdown note broken out by those topic or to an annotations file on the selected document.

Now that I’m writing this out I think that perhaps smart groups would be a better approach.

The reason I did not try this before is that I want links directly to the place is in the documents where the subject is covered not just to the document itself. But since I have not found a way to deep link into EPUB files this may not be much of an issue.

This is should be a good comparison in any case. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had no idea that was possible! Is it possible to change the columns? E.g. removing the flagged column or adding a new one.

The columns aren’t customizable due to the limited space.