Feature Request: Display items into which a given markdown item has been transcluded


I would like to request a feature that makes it possible to display all items into which a given Markdown item has been transcluded.

This could look similar to the new Mentions panel introduced in DT3.8.

If there are workarounds available already, please share.

Thanks for considering.

E.g. you could add links to the Markdown document too and then use the Document > Links inspector. The links could be either added to the document’s content or to custom metadata.

Yeah, that could work. The only downside is that the Link inspector would show the links mixed with all kinds of other ones.

Until now, what I did is use a KB Maestro macro with these steps:

  • Copy the item link of the Markdown note I’m looking at to the clipboard
  • open a new window and search for items, which match the Markdown note’s item link AND are tagged with “Transclusion”

This works pretty well, but it would be much more elegant to have a “Transclusions” tab next to the Mentions tab … in my humble opinion :slight_smile: