[Feature Request] Exclude DTP entries based on DTP settings


I would like to request a feature:
DTP/O has a setting for individual records to exclude it from classification/search/see also. at least for me it would make sense if DSE honors those settings. if i exclude a record in dtp/o from search, why would DSE show it? Isn’t that just another interface for search? :wink:

thank you,

Thank you for the suggestion! Right now it’s just an internal setting, it doesn’t have any impact on Spotlight or DEVONsphere Express. But we might revise this in the future.

there is one use case where this really hurts: books.
i split my books by outline and put the original book plus each chapter in a group in DTPO. i exclude the original book from search. DSE still picks it up and shows it for too many search queries.

One workaround coming to my mind would be to store the originals in a separate database, to disable its Spotlight support (see File > Database Properties) and to exclude the books from searching & see also. Afterwards DEVONsphere Express shouldn’t use the originals anymore.