Feature Request: Folding Headers in Markdown


Folding header tags in Markdown (Edit & Preview):

Some benefits:

  • Show text blocks that are in-progress (editing etc)
  • Hide completed content for a focussed workflow
  • Organize content into better readable sections for search results
  • Preview files with content summaries to improve efficiency
  • Option to compliment / eliminate TOC at top of markdown documents



Welcome @laird

No promises, but the request is noted.

Not only Markdown Headers but also bullets and numbered list also should have a collapsible tab (folding icon).

Apologies for the confusion.




Same here, very much looking forward to nested, foldable content in markdown notes.

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Welcome @bartgnk

Note the request has been made but there’s no commitment to it at this point. We have many things on our list of possible enhancements.

Would also want to put one more request for this feature.

And if a section is folded, then would be ideal if Devonthink can remember to show it as folded if it was left folded the last time the document was reviewed.

Thank you!

The request is noted but it’s also not something so simply done. That kind of data is not built into the file so the folded state, likely of more than one paragraph, would have to be cached per document, cached somewhere.

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Thanks for the reply. While the information will need to be store somewhere, and it may not be a direct capability that you may have historically want to build into Devonthink, it may be worthwhile if you assess that a lot of users use Devonthink editor to edit and work on Markdown files.

In any case, some features similar to Obsidian would be quite powerful to have. Obsidian only stores markdown files, whereas Devonthink can be so much more - markdown files that if need be can also refer to PDFs etc, and both can be searched for in one application. Devonthink can be far more powerful note taking and curating software, while being everything that it currently is.

And there’s always the possibility to edit markdown files in other programs.

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That is true and I do do that quite often.

What does not happen in other programs:

  1. ability to add tags to the document
  2. ability to refer to other documents by title
  3. move the document there and then to another folder in Devonthink

As of now, I do 1 and 3 as a delayed step. And 2, I don’t do as of now, I think it will be useful. And clearly in other note taking apps being able to refer to other notes seem to be much revered.