Feature Request : Folding Headers

It will be nice if we can have folding section (by heading for example).
In general, we put the outlines, then we start expanding each one, without being distracted by the other texts in other headings.

Here an example of what I mean (Screenshot):


Here’s a reference to the html code for this How To Create a Collapsible
I use it in my formatted note records

Sample code

    What is the meaning of life?
    <span class="icon">👇</span>
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I wonder if this could also be done in a Markdown document…

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This is not achieving the goal :pensive:

Yes, we can :

<summary> to expand

But here few comments :

  1. The summary (clickable) can’t be a title with ###
  2. The goal is to dump our thoughts in a formatted and readable way, without thinking about coding …
    But the most important is the next one :
    3) The <details> result is shown only in the Preview mode, not in the edit where we spend time writing. Adding <details> section will do the opposite : add confusion on text. When writing, we are spending 99% of the time in edit mode not in preview

It will be very nice to add an option in DT preferences to activate it.
Like bellow :

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No promises but the request is noted.


Thank you my friend Bluefrog :+1::blush::pray:

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