Feature request: Handle Markup language

Devonthink is almost perfect to handle my research and writing work.
I have only one feature request, but it is essential to me as a professional:

Devon Technologies should upgrade its editing features, so as to include and make visible use of markup languages. If Devon does this, then it would replace, with better features, other commercial software such as Scrivener or Ulysses.

The idea is to have editing windows were you can concentrate on writing alone.

DEVONthink supports Markdown already. As discussed in the Manual

I’ve never understood the interest in making DEVONthink emulate other software, like Ulysses. Use the best tool for the job. DEVONthink works beautifully with external editors already.

As korm pointed out, DEVONthink does indeed support Markdown and even has Markdown Document as a standard file type. Do note that there are many extensions to Markdown, and other similar concepts like Fountain. We support MultiMarkdown.

Thanks. Just saw that.