Feature Request: “+” icon at bottom of Group list (add new Group)

This also could be a case of operator error :crazy_face:

When replicating files, i.e. from Inbox to groups, I very often drill down to where I want to be, but then discover the group I wish to assign to, hasn’t yet been created.

In this case, my workflow is navigate backwards in DTTG to home screen, then forwards through a labyrinth of hierarchical group layers, just to make the new group—then go backwards so as to navigate back into friggin’ Inbox again, scroll down in there to the file again, then finally tap replicate and navigate through all those layers of groups again to replicate to the group I just created.

Am I doing this right? (Disclaimer: I’m a newbie)


edit: @BLUEFROG – I very much appreciate your heads up, below, and see what triggered your advisory. Those adjectives, above, in this post, were intended to be tongue-in-cheek in nature–surely not to be offensive. Removed those and concur this was in poor judgement on my part. TY for advising. -Ryan

No worries and you’re welcome!