Feature request: Integrate TLdraw with DevonThink markdown editor for visual diagrams


TLdraw is a whiteboard that provides a visual interface to create / connect different shapes and move them around by dragging.

There is a plugin for StandardNotes, which I use next to DevonThink for a limited set of use cases.

It would be great if one day it was also possible to leverage this from within DevonThink!

Thanks for considering.

What happens when you store the files of TLdraw inside DEVONthink, and double-click the file name and/or use the “Open With …” feature?

Interesting idea to save as tldr and then save in DevonThink. Unfortunately, opening the file is not possible.

What I was thinking of is to make use of the “whiteboard as a service” functionality TLdraw offers. Next to offering their web app, they actively encourage and support the whiteboard being fully integrated into other applications.

This Techcrunch article gives more background.

What was the error message?

I have never noticed a problem opening a file with a double click (if extension set in macOS as default) or “Open with…”. It is routine.

Perhaps mermaid would be an alternative that could be already used in DT? I didn’t try that, though.

Well, there is simply no application on MacOS that can open TLDR files. As far as I know, they can only be uploaded and opened directly in the TLdraw web interface.

It’s a valid point.

However, while Mermaid converts written text (based on its syntax) into a visual output, TLdraw behaves more like Mural or Miro aka a real whiteboard app. As a user, you interact directly with the shapes by dragging, dropping, resizing, connecting them etc.

Here’s a link to the web interface if you’d like to try it out. As mentioned, it is possible to access this interface via a plugin from within StandardNotes. This would be awesome to have in DevonThink as well.