Feature request: keyboard navigation

Hello, just getting started on DevonThink (I have the pro office edition) but it has already been quite useful.

One feature I’d request is to allow for rapid keyboard navigation, without having to reach for the mouse. For example, one way to implement this would be by having a search box at the top of the Groups & Tags window which automatically receives focus and narrows the group search as characters are typed.

Apologies if this feature has already been suggested or is in the works.

No worries. Reqeust noted (with no promises, of course).

FWIW - that would be very useful!

That’s a good idea.

Until it is implemented, you might investigate View > As List. When that view is active, press ⌘F to jump to the find box in on the tool bar. Type the term (group name, tag name, file name) you are looking for, and a list of partial or full matches will appear in the top panel of that view. Use the arrow keys, or other navigation preference, and then press ⌘R (Reveal) to jump to that item in the database. Then continue with keyboard navigation as you wish. The mouse is never involved.