Feature Request-Keyboard shortcut for Edit/View HTML files

Under the Format menu:

Edit Source/View Page

it would be nice to have a built-in keyboard shortcut assigned to those two menu commands.

I have assigned Cmd-opt-R to both of them to toggle back and forth in System Prefs, but as a suggestion, Cmd-R is the keystroke for Refresh in web browsers (and my web software, RapidWeaver). Maybe re-assign Reveal (currently Cmd-R) to Cmd-opt-R?

Short history. I do webdesign and have about 400 code snippets in my web program’s proprietary format but it’s very basic (no preview, color code). I used another code collection program, CodeCollector (color coded syntax) and it was so buggy that I dumped it quickly. I then found Yojimbo and it was OK, but it didn’t color code syntax. Then when I evaluated my digital lifestyle needs, I discovered DT Pro was just the program for my needs.

I love the ability for DT Pro to be able store and render HTML files (and color code the syntax). It makes simple tweaks very easy to do, rather than publish to a .html file and check in a browser.

And I’m a “keyboard freak”, I can type a keystroke much quicker than reach for the mouse and click/drag/point/etc…

Thanks for the suggestion, Command-Option-R is already used but Command-Control-R will be added this to the next release.

Where is that used? I looked through all the menus and didn’t see it (DT Pro 1.5.1) other than my custom one I added, or do you mean in a forthcoming release?

Also, is there a list of keyboard shortcuts anywhere?


There’s no such list available right now but Command-Option-R is used by Data > New > Record…

Didn’t see it because when I made my own, it removed that one. When I deleted my custom short cut and relaunched, it appeared. Since I don’t use the reveal feature, I guess I could set cmd-R as my HTML toggle.