Feature Request: More options in PDF Sidebar

Here’s is my request to beef up the display options in DEVONthink’s PDF Sidebar. Currently, the user has only the option to show/hide thumbnails, and it would be extremely useful to me to also display all TOC entries as well as annotations. Below are the options available in DEVONthink, and the additional options available in Preview and PDFpenPro. DEVONthink does have the Continuous Scroll, Single Page, etc. options available from the View menu.

DEVONthink Sidebar options (includes options in the View>PDF Display menu) :

Preview.app Sidebar options:

PDFpenPro Sidebar options:

Also, does anyone know if the Books Mode in DEVONthink actually does anything? All my PDFs display the same when this option is toggled, while the Facing Pages/Two Pages mode of the other two apps put the display in a book view.

Thanks for the suggestions, this is already on the to-do list for upcoming versions.

This option affects only facing pages, see first page